My Trade Network's founder Mark Chandler Sr., has over 25 years of insurance experience working in the construction service and repair industry exclusively during this time. After years of nationwide research and interviews with Facilities Managers and Construction Industry leaders, we've discovered that many contractors struggle with basic business compliances or are falsifying documents.


My Trade Network specializes in customizable hiring solutions for Facilities Managers for their Independent Contractors. Our trained industry professionals help mitigate risk by ensuring that state and local industry compliances are met and stay met as well as offer on-boarding and training services. We take out the guess work and save you time and money on compliance information regarding your contracted vendors. We also offer a variety of other services that help reduce risk while maintaining your facility. 

how we do it

Our dedicated staff of compliance specialists oversee each project to help reduce time and resources that Facilities Managers would spend on compliance management issues. For added peace of mind, contractor's compliance status updates can be viewed quickly and easily by simply checking your Private Network. My Trade Network's monitoring and integration platform provides secure, centralized storage for all critical documents, insurance paperwork, policy renewals and much more, allowing us to easily manage and monitor credentials. Renewal notifications, reminders, emails and hands on communication allow us to keep in touch with the contractor and the client to ensure you have accurate and updated information.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions that offer peace-of-mind when hiring independent contractors. ​

​​Why Choose My Trade Network

Over 25 years construction service and repair industry experience.

Customizable validation solutions that ensure 

contractor compliance

requirements are met.

A dedicated staff of experienced compliance 

specialists to monitor your project.

A dedicated compliance administrator to oversee 

your account and maintain a seamless relationship with you and your staff.

Compliance status updates can be viewed quickly and easily by checking your Private Network.

Best and lowest cost solution in the industry.